Job Responsibilities:

1. Deeply participate in business communication with clients, analyse and refine clients' pain points and needs, and assist in writing technical solutions;

2. Transform technical solutions into algorithm research and development, lead algorithm projects & product development, and ensure algorithm performance and effectiveness;

3. Based on the company's core algorithm, lead the team to formulate a scientific research plan, quantitatively evaluate the research and development results, and ensure the company's competitiveness and technical barriers to the core algorithm.

Job Requirements:

1. Master’s degree or above in computer science, statistics, economics, applied mathematics, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, or other major in data science;

2. More than 3 years of data science related work experience, multiple fields of data science work, industrial background preferred;

3.Decision management/decision optimization (path optimization scheduling, the location of the intelligent storage, intelligent, smart, transportation optimization, supply chain optimization, etc.), the recommendation system (Personalized recommendation, user portrait, smart marketing/precision marketing, advertising algorithm), prediction algorithm (time-series forecasting, load forecasting, sales forecasts, ETA estimate fault prediction, etc.) is preferred;

4. Strong desire for active learning, passionate to try new things instead of standing still.