Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of Java technical architecture specifications and development specifications;

2. Lead team members to complete the research and development of complex products, such as high concurrency, data isolation, system decoupling and other technical difficulties, provide users with high-quality product services;

3. Undertake business modeling, basic services, and business platform construction to provide strong support for the company's development;

4. Undertake new technology pre-research, plan selection, technical optimization, etc.;

5. Deep understanding of the strategic direction of the business, able to make predictive judgments and plans on the long-term development direction of the product and achieve technological breakthroughs and layout.

Job Requirements:

1. University degree or above, 211, 985 college graduates are preferred;

2. 8 plus years of work experience, system architecture experience, and have independently led the evolution of major product architecture and promoted the implementation;

3. Proficient in Java, familiar with mainstream open source components and frameworks such as spring and mybatis;

4. Familiar with high concurrency, multi-threaded development, and distributed systems, and those with experience in application implementation and technical system of microservice architecture are preferred;

5. Excellent comprehensive technical understanding, able to quickly master the use of products and understand the combination of various components;

6. Excellent communication and documentation skills, promote and collaborate across teams to ensure the landing of large-scale projects and be result-oriented;

7. Entrepreneurial spirit, strong self-driving ability, can actively and efficiently learn, control, and introduce new technologies.