Provide consulting services and design innovative digital transformation solutions to create business value for enterprise customers.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Help clients (including industrial clients or service providers of clients) design overall digital transformation solution: observe customer industry trends to help clients develop future business planning, and structurally locate the pain points between the existing business and planning, and design the incremental span and key pivots of digital transformation.

2. Implement technical solution architectures that supports digital transformation (including: basic cloud platform architecture design, data medium platform design, algorithm application plan design, etc.), design overall implementation plan and adjust it appropriately during the delivery process.

Job Requirements:

1. Have practical experience in digital transformation in traditional sectors such as industry, agriculture, retail, logistics and medical care, or have experience in informatization and intelligent transformation in traditional industries (ERP implementation experience is desirable), and can quickly understand the business needs and pain points of clients in traditional industries;

2. Have a deep understanding of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms, etc.; have rich experience in enterprise IT architecture design or cloud implementation service; have landing experience in data intelligent application; understand common data analysis tools;

3. Candidates with working experience in large management consulting company or technology consulting company are preferred;

4. Good communication skills, strong execution skills, excellent teamwork spirit and professional dedication.