Job Responsibilities:

Responsible for exploring market opportunities and expanding customer relationships for digital transformation solutions in traditional industries. Explore potential clients, accurately present company's core competitiveness, pass on the value of solutions, convert business opportunities, and achieve market KPI goals (signing, acceptance, revenue recognition, payment collection, etc.), based on a deep understanding of the company's strategy and market objectives, as well as the grasp of industry technology application trends.

Job Requirements:

1. At least 5 years' working experience in business development (such as industry, agriculture, retail, etc.), familiar with working process and tactics, and experience in large management consulting company or technology consulting company is preferred;

2. Have deep understanding of the global development trend of digitalization and intelligentization of traditional enterprises such as industry, agriculture, retail, and major technical methods, with a global vision and global business expansion capabilities;

3. Strong self-drive, strong passion for learning, capable of drawing inferences from one another, able to adapt quickly to business changes.