Job Responsibilities:

1. Formulate company product planning and development paths in line with industry traits, development trends and company strategic directions;

2. Continuously dig user needs based on the pain points of customers and industries, and lead product design, business processes and planning;

3. Responsible for market analysis, product research, data analysis, and output product definitions, product prototypes, PRD documents, complete product update iterations;

4. Responsible for product life cycle management, continuously pay close attention to user experience, and organize cross-team cooperation to achieve product goals.

Job Requirements:

1. Overall software product planning and design experience in at least one industry (industry, agriculture, retail, manufacturing, etc.), actual successful cases of industry products are preferred;

2. Able to integrate complex business scenarios and summarize requirements, deep understanding of the application scenarios and pain points of the target client group, and can convert them into innovative product capabilities to create value for clients;

3. Data sensitive, familiar with commonly used data analysis tools, and good at finding business problems by data analysis.