Job Responsibilities:

1. Design and develop UI domain of intelligent industrial operating system;

2. Responsible for the construction of front-end platform framework & business management portal, and promote its successful implementation in projects;

3. Coach and lead new staff, level up the overall technical skills of the team;

4. In line with deep understanding of the business, improve technical solutions and enhance overall r&d efficiency and quality of the team;

5. Improve collaboration processes and create technical standards & specifications.

Job Requirements:

1. Proficient in various Web front-end technologies (HTML/CSS/Javascript, etc.), proficient in cross-browser and cross-terminal development;

2. Proficient in at least one MVVM framework such as React, AngularJS, Vue, etc., familiar with Node.js Web application development, web security related knowledge;

3. Have practical experience in front-end architecture, performance, accessibility, and maintainability of large websites;

4. Familiar with at least one of back-end development language, experience in back-end development is preferred.