Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the design and development of specific business functions, able to deeply understand the business and work independently in the project, including requirements analysis, architecture design and code implementation;

2. Continuously optimize system architectures, have experience in designing non-functional requirements, such as: high scalability, high performance, high availability, security, etc.;

3. Define universal platforms or service capabilities by keep analysing and abstracting, able to find and solve existing technical problems, verify, and promote them in specific business scenarios.

Job Requirements:

1. 3 years or more experience in JAVA development, familiar with Spring, ibatis and other open source frameworks, understanding of IO, multi-threading, collection, JVM principles;

2. Familiar with the design and application of distributed systems, as well as mechanisms such as distributed, cache and message; Can make rational application of distributed common technologies and solve problems;

3. Master Linux operating system and large database (Oracle, MySql); Rich experience in SQL optimization;

4. Strong learning ability, strong quality of patience, high attention to details.