Job Responsibilities:

1. Fully responsible for the construction of testing technical capacity and planning of testing technology;

2. The primary person responsible for test engineering structure, continuously improve test engineering and process methods, and continuously optimize test process specifications according to the business development direction;

3. Responsible for test process management, speciality improvement, ensuring high quality and efficiency of test work, and supporting successful product delivery;

4. Responsible for the test team's ability cultivation, tackling testing technical problems, and the continuous innovation and development of testing technologies in the field.

Job Requirements:

1. More than 5 years of IT industry experience and related product testing experience, more than 2 years of management experience;

2. Proficient in software testing theory and software engineering, able to accurately grasp the development trend of testing technology in the field;

3. Familiar with storage and data application scenarios in different industries, and familiar with distributed software test engineering methods;

4. Familiar with the mainstream testing methods and tools of performance and reliability in IT field, experience in test framework design is preferred;

5. Strong learning mentality and logical thinking ability, able to take initiatives in technical research; strong team coordination ability.